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Our portable reels come with various features such as locking to prevent the hose or cable from unrolling accidentally while in movement. Other benefits include increased efficiency and productivity, improved safety, and reduced wear and tear on hoses, cables, and cords. Portable reels also help to organize and maintain a clean job site, while the compact design ensures easy storage and transport.

Standard Equipment
  • 3,000 psi on 1/2” & 3/4”
  • 500 psi on 1”
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Powder coat finish
When ordering add prefix:

C for Gear Crank (Pinion Gear)
DC for Direct Crank (N/A for 3/4″ Or 1″ Hose)

Rim Rewind Reel
ModelHoseDimensions in inches
P1115-20-051/2″100′2042151125 1/22022
P1115-22-051/2″150′2242151125 1/22022
P1120-22-051/2″200′2242201130 1/22027
P1120-25-051/2″300′2542201130 1/22027
P1115-22-073/4″100′2242151125 1/22022
P1120-22-073/4″150′2242201130 1/22027
P1115-25-073/4″200′2542151125 1/22022
P1120-28-073/4″250′2842201130 1/22027
P1115-22-101″100′2242151125 1/22022
P1115-25-101″150′2542151125 1/22022
P1120-25-101″200′2542201130 1/22027
P1120-28-101″250′2842201130 1/22027

* For solid rims deduct 1” to E & G dimensions.


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