Remote Fill Dirt Trap Filter

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In-Line Filter allowing easy changing of element. Allows high speed filling of lubrication system reservoirs. Available with magnetic filter element.

LSM001S – Remote Fill Dirt Trap
Remote Fill Dirt Trap Filter
Filter Rating Assembly Part Number
(Plated Carbon Steel Body)
Filter Element w/
Aluminum Cap
Filter Element w/
303 SS Cap
Magnetic Filter Element
W/ Aluminum Cap
Magnetic Filter Element
W/ 303 SS Cap
3 Micron N/A N/A N/A DT-EL-002-003MIC-MAG DT-EL-002-003MIC-MAG-SS
5 Micron RFDTA-005-O DT-EL-002-005MIC DT-EL-002-005MIC-SS DT-EL-002-005MIC-MAG DT-EL-002-005MIC-MAG-SS
10 Micron RFDTA-010-O DT-EL-002-010MIC DT-EL-002-010MIC-SS DT-EL-002-010MIC-MAG DT-EL-002-010MIC-MAG-SS
25 Micron RFTDA-025-O DT-EL-002-025MIC DT-EL-002-025MIC-SS N/A N/A
150 Micron
100 Mesh
RFDTA-100-G DT-EL-002-100M DT-EL-002-100M-SS N/A N/A
420 Micron
40 Mesh
RFTDA-040-G DT-EL-002-40M DT-EL-002-40M-SS N/A N/A


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