SERIES CR6600 Manual and Power Rewind Reels

Price: $1,930.77$3,192.31 USD

To handle live electric cable
  • Gear-driven crank rewind.
  • Chain and sprocket drive powered by electric, compressed air, or hydraulic motor.
  • Auxiliary rewind and pinion brake standard.
  • Consult factory for other brakes.
  • 3-conductor, 45 amp, 600 volt collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring.
  • Double brushes per circuit; brushes are copper graphite, copper alloy rings.
  • Additional conductors or higher amperage are available at extra cost; must be specified (300 amps possible with custom design).
  • Silver collector assemblies are available.
  • Rollers and roller mounting brackets are accessory items; specify roller position.
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115V AC Electric 1/2 HP Rewind w/ junction box, 115V AC Electric 1/3 HP Rewind w/ junction box, 12V DC Electric rewind, Prefix Model "E", Air Rewind, Prefix Model "A", Bevel Gear crank Rewind, Prefix model "E"(must specify 115V)


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