SERIES N800 Spring Rewind Reels

Price: $1,038.46$2,453.85 USD

To handle 3/4″ or 1″ I.D. hose Fuel Dispensing (consult factory) / Waste Oil Evacuation / Air / Water
  • Standard N series has a narrow frame and compact mounting base.
  • Non-sparking ratchet assembly.
  • Declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding.
  • Standard inlet: 90° balanced pressure swivel joint 1″ female NPT threads.
  • Standard outlet: 1″ female NPT threads.
  • Standard pressures to 2,000 psi (138 bar), available up to 6,000 psi (414 bar) – must specify.
  • Standard fluid temperatures from -40° F to +250 °F (-40° C to +121° C). Optional temperature ratings available – consult factory.
  • 4-way roller assembly.
  • SR and VR roller positions: swivel joint is standard on the right, TR roller positions: swivel joint is standard on the left. Optional configurations are available, must specify, click for more information.
  • Constant tension is available consult factory.
  • Reels for fueling applications are available please consult factory.
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Additional information

Reel Type


Reel Name

N816-19-20-10.5J, N816-25-26-10.5B, N818-23-24-10.5J, N818-23-24-10.5J(1"X50' CONTI. BC ), N818-23-24-10.5J(1"X50'X300 PSI HOSE), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X50' CONTI. BC ), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X50'X300 PSI HOSE), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X75'CONTI. BC ), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X75'X300 PSI HOSE), N818-25-26-10.5 SD, N818-25-26-10.5B, N818-25-26-15.5G


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