Spray and Pressure Washing

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The reels are suitable for a wide range of applications. The reels are designed and built for durability. They can be customized or purchased in a ready-to-ship format.


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Reel Type
Hannay Reels Sales Policies
Manual Pressure Washing Hose Reels
Series PW-2 and Optional Mounting Kits
Spring Rewind Reels
Series N700
Compact Manual Rewind Reels
Series 1000
Portable Reels on Wheels
Series 1100/AT1200
Manual or Power Rewind Reels
Series 1500
Series 1800
Series 2000 (Dual Hose)
Series 4000
Series 6000
Remote Controlled Power Rewind Reels
Series RM
Non-Corrosive Manual or Power Rewind Reels
Series SNC


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