Standard Dirt Trap Filters

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In-Line Filter allowing easy changing of element. Designed for high pressure hydraulic and lubrication applications. Available with magnetic filter element.

Dirt Trap Filter Assembly
Filter Rating Plated Carbon Steel
7,500 PSI
AL2024 Blue Anodized
Aluminum, 6,000 PSI
316 Stainless Steel
7,500 PSI
5 Micron DTFA-005-O MDFA-005-O DTFA-005-O-316
10 Micron DTFA-010-O MDFA-010-O DTFA-010-O-316
25 Micron DTFA-025-O MDFA-025-O DTFA-025-O-316
150 Micron
100 Mesh
DTFA-100-G MDFA-100-G DTFA-100-G-316
420 Micron
40 Mesh
DTFA-040-G MDFA-040-G DTFA-040-G-316


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