Static Discharge and Grounding Cable Reels

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The cable reel can be equipped with a spring or crank retraction that ensures easy and safe storage of the cable when not in use. The mechanisms is designed to operate smoothly and with minimal effort, making it easy for operators to handle.

Our Static Discharge Cable Reel is suitable for a wide range of applications, including fueling, chemical processing, and other industrial operations where static electricity poses a hazard. With its durable construction and reliable performance, our Static Discharge Cable Reel is the perfect choice for any organization looking to improve safety and efficiency in hazardous environments.


Standard Equipment
  • Galvanized cable with bright orange vinyl cover
  • Positive lock & unlock ratchet (non-sparking)
  • 100-amp clamp
  • Replaceable cable guide
  • Powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel cable with yellow vinyl cover

Spring Rewind
ModelCableDimensions in inches
SA1A1-2525′910 1/21″7564
SB2A1-5050′1213 1/22″8 1/2685
SB2A1-50/2550′ WITH 25′ Y1213 1/22″8 1/2685
SC2A1-7575′1415 1/22″10685
SC2A1-80/2080′ WITH 20′ Y1415 1/22″10685
SD2A1-100100′1617 1/22″12685

Add prefix:

EC – for gear crank

EE – for electric motor


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