Stealth EHC Moisture Removal

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Hydrolysis is the main degradation pathway in phosphate ester systems. Because phosphate esters are hydroscopic, moisture control is a critical step in phosphate ester maintenance. Stealth EHCTM uses patented technology that removes moisture from phosphate ester fluids by introducing a steady stream of clean, dry air in the reservoir. This enhances reservoir breathing systems by actively and continuously purging and dehydrating the reservoir head space and removing water from the fluid

Stealth EHC Benefits

  • Removes dissolved moisture in oil
  • Prevents the formation of condensate and rust in the oil reservoir capacity
  • Eliminates the need to replace costly desiccant style breathers
  • Reduces acid formation by removing water
  • Minimizes the potential for particulate or water ingression through reservoir access points
  • Approved by GE Energy
  • Enables a Fill4Life™ Phosphate Ester Fluid


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