5 Factors That Affect A Lubricant’s Behavior And Performance

5 Factors That Affect A Lubricant’s Behavior And Performance When deciding on what lubricant to use in your machinery, several factors can affect its performance and behavior. When deciding on what lubricant to use in your machinery, several factors can affect its performance and behavior. You must be watchful of these factors to keep your lubricant functioning at its best.


The temperature at which a lubricant must operate is a key factor that can affect the lubricant’s functionality. Different lubricants have different capabilities at operating under specific temperatures. When you select a specific lubricant, you must check if it can perform well under the temperature that your machine’s working conditions involve. Even after selecting a suitable lubricant, you need to monitor what temperature the lubricant is facing. There might be changes in the temperature when a machine keeps on functioning for long hours. In this case, a constant and regular inspection of factors affecting the lubricant’s performance is crucial.

Machine Usage

Machine operators must correctly operate their machines. This will ensure that the machine’s components will work properly, and the lubricant inside the machinery also performs at its best. For instance, the number of hours you use the machine per day, or the amount of days it works in a week, the speed at which the machine operates, need to be corrected. By using the machine properly, you can enhance the lifespan of the machinery and its lubricant.

Quantity Of The Lubricant

The quantity of a lubricant is also a crucial factor in determining the performance of a lubricant. Using an excessive quantity of lubricant in your machine will not be suitable for the machine or the lubricant. Similarly, if you don’t use enough lubricant, it will cause wear and tear on the machine. Therefore, it is critical to ensure you use the correct quantity of lubricant to achieve the best results. The right amount will depend on the machine. You need experienced staff and machine operators to check on the lubricant’s quantity in the machine. If there is a decrease in the level, they need to top up the lubricant. Apart from trained and experienced staff, there must be a strict lubrication program in place to ensure your machines efficiency and SOP’s for people to follow.

Quality Of A Lubricant

Only the best quality lubricant is likely to perform well and meet your lubrication needs and requirements in the best possible manner. You must never opt for the second or third best quality lubricants when selecting one. When deciding on which lubricant is best for your machine check the lubricant’s brand quality, trustworthiness, durability, and reputation in the market. Selecting the best lubrication product in the market will reduce the chances of disappointment and failure later. If you wish for your machinery to deliver the best results, you must lubricate it with a top-quality lubrication product.

Age Of A Lubricant

The expiry of your lubricant is a critical factor that will affect the behavior and performance of your lubricant. If the lubricant has passed its age and is due to be replaced, its performance will not be the same. You must replace your lubricants if they are past their due date. Doing so can save your machinery and keep the lubricant’s behavior the same. The quality of your lubricant depends on its manufacture date and the time at which you use it in your machine. Once your lubricants’ viscosity starts to decrease, it needs to be replaced. If you delay the replacement, it can cause damage to your machine’s internal components. At Micro-Lube, we provide our clients with good quality lubrication products that suit their machinery to help them work at their best. To get in touch with us, click here.
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