Things To Consider While Dispensing A Lubricant

Things To Consider While Dispensing A Lubricant If you think that buying a lubricant and storing it is all you need to focus on, this is not entirely true. Oil dispensing is also an essential part of lubricant handling. Most people ignore it because it may be the last step after procuring and storing the lubricant in a suitable place within your industrial facility.

Use A State Of The Art Dispensing System

The first thing you need to ensure before dispensing your lubricant is to buy the best dispensing system. This will ensure that you can transfer the lubricant from the storage location to the machinery safely. Moreover, it ensures that you transfer the correct quantity to the machinery to enable it to function perfectly.

Avoid Any Spilling

Most incidents that happen during the dispensing of a lubricant involve spilling. This happens when a substandard dispensing system or other equipment is used. There are more chances of spilling the lubricant on the floor before it reaches its destination. When you spill the lubricant, it costs you money and causes a delay in the machinery’s operation. Consequently, the business may suffer a significant loss. In addition to the economic loss and hampered business continuity, spilling the lubricant increases the threats of slips and falls. Using quality oil dispensing equipment and following its SOP’s strictly will enable you to efficiently conduct the dispensing of the lubricant to its machinery.

Avoid Lubricant Contamination

Another significant element to take care of is to ensure that you don’t expose the lubricants to any contamination. Keeping the lubricant contamination-free during the storage and dispensing process is critical in an efficient lubrication program. Once the lubricant is contaminated, it is almost impossible to make it reusable again. Once it loses its purity and integrity it’s game over. This is why it is crucial to ensure that no contamination like dust, water, chemicals, or other types of harmful materials come in contact with the lubricant.

Ensuring The Right Lubricant In The Right Machine

You can’t afford to put the wrong lubricant in a machine. It will destroy the performance of the machinery and may also cause damage to its components. You need to be very watchful when handling and storing the lubricants in your industrial facility. You can carefully label the lubricant containers to avoid any mistakes by your staff members responsible for the lubricants dispensing, maintaining, and handling. A slight mistake while dispensing the lubricant to the machine can cause severe damage to the machinery and the business. The working conditions of your machine like its temperature and workload will determine which lubricant will perform best. If you use the wrong lubricant by mistake, it may not serve the purpose.

Following The Timeline Strictly

Last but not least is to follow the proper timeline for every machine. Dispensing the lubricant from the machine on time is as crucial as anything else we have discussed above. This is because delaying the replacement of a lubricant can deteriorate the condition and performance of your machinery. The longer you keep a lubricant in storage, the higher the chances of contamination, expiring, and other types of damage. Following the deadlines of the lubrication program ensures the efficiency and productivity of the lubricant and the machinery. Micro-Lube is the most experienced lubricant provider in Edmonton. We offer a complete range of lubricants and help you make and implement an effective lubrication program. To get in touch with us, click here.
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