How To Select The Best Hydraulic Filtration System

  Thanks to technological innovation and the internet, everyone now has easy access to all sorts of information. On the internet, you can get an immeasurable amount of information about the best oil handling practices and the finest ways of filtering and lubricating your hydraulic filtration systems. But with that being said, there are many misleading articles on the internet that can put you on the wrong track. Where you can find many articles about the best oil handling systems, there is little to no information about how to choose the right filtration system for your equipment. To select the best oil filtration system you need all sorts of information that will help you verify that the hydraulic filtration system fulfills the needs of your equipment. One of the best ways to choose the finest filtration system for your equipment is by hiring a certified industrial lubricant supplier. These certified professionals will help you choose the filtration system that perfectly fits your needs. In this blog post, we will outline the top questions that will help you choose the best filtration system for your equipment.

What Is The Application?

There are innumerable applications in the power generation, mining and industrial sectors, hence to choose the right hydraulic filtration system it is important to know the industry it will be used in. To get the best results, the first step should be to decide on the application of your filtration system, because there are different filtration systems used for different industries. As different industries have different applications and there are also many environmental concerns, in order to choose the right filtration system, you need to first know the application of your hydraulic filtration system. When you know the application of your filtration system it makes it easier for you to decide its size. For instance, when you know that you are filtering at a remote site, you will have in mind that it will be difficult to transport a heavy system that has to be carried from one place to another, so with this information, you will bring a filtration system that is smaller in size and easier to move from one end to another. Hence by knowing the application of your hydraulic filtration system you will be able to choose the best filtration system for your equipment.

What Is Oil Type?

The next important question you need to ask yourself before choosing a filtration system is: what is the oil type or viscosity? The oil type is a big factor in applying and choosing the proper filtration system because there are light, medium and heavy grades of oil and there is no one system solution that can be used for all ISO grades. For different grades of oil you will need different hydraulic filtration systems, also to avoid cross-contamination you should keep like grade oils and fluids together and use different carts for different oil grades. So before choosing your filtration system you need to first determine the oil type and viscosity and your equipment. Also, make sure to buy all your hydraulic filtration systems from certified industrial lubricant suppliers.

What Is The Temperature Of Your Oil?

Temperature is one of the most unpredictable and main causes of a wide range of uncertainties in properly applying a filtration system. There are many situations and conditions where a filtration system may need to be operated on in colder conditions or where the temperature affects the viscosity of the oil. So in order to choose the best hydraulic filtration systems for your equipment you need to first understand the environment and temperature of your oil. Also along with understanding the temperature and environment of your oil you need to make sure that you buy your oil filtration system from a certified industrial lubricant supplier.

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