How Can You Achieve Lubrication Excellence?

  Lubricating your machines and other equipment is necessary to make them function properly. A high-quality industrial lubricant not only improves the functionality of the machine but also makes it last longer. Achieving lubrication excellence is necessary, so you know you are using the right product with the right method. When we talk about excellence in the lubrication method, it means knowing the right methods and developing a sound lubrication program for your facility or equipment. This helps improve the service and lifetime of a machine. Forming industrial lubricant excellence also requires you to know your machines well and their requirements. This will help design an effective lubrication plan to achieve lubrication excellence. This blog post mentions some tips that might help you with achieving lubrication excellence.

Don’t Overgrease

Overgreasing might have the same negative effects as that of under greasing. There is no use in over greasing your machines and using excessive amounts of lubricants. Greasing is a way of filtering contaminants from the bearings. If you overuse your lubricant, it can affect the function of the machine.

Key Points For Not Overgreasing

If you are greasing a bearing, it is important to know its geometry and dimensions. There is a misconception to apply more grease to purge out the contaminants, which is not true. The right way to achieve lubrication excellence is to apply a fraction of the calculated quantity at shorter intervals. The technician or the machine operator must know how much grease to add at the right time and calibrate the automatic lubrication system accordingly.

Testing New Deliveries

It is a wise choice to test the quality of new lubricant deliveries, especially when equipment reliability is your prime concern. A little deviation from your original lubricant to opt for a new one can have a devastating impact on your machine. This is because there can be variations in the chemical and physical properties of a lubricant. Moreover, your Industrial lubricant supplier can also help you select the right lubricant for your machine.

Opt For The Condition-based Oil Changing Method

You might sometimes think that your machine needs an oil change, but actually, it doesn’t. Many organizations change their oil based on intervals. These intervals include considerations, such as the calendar, operating hours (meter), fuel consumed, miles/kilometers driven, or production/work performed. A condition-based oil changing strategy is useful to reduce oil consumption and save costs. The most important pre-step for a condition-based oil change is oil analysis. The analysis of the oil’s condition can tell you whether it is time to change oil or not.

Educate Your Team

The maintenance team is responsible for maintaining the machines and ensuring their proper lubrication. If the maintenance team is not well-informed about the necessary practices and the right lubrication methods, their wrong methods of lubrication can negatively impact the machines. Lubricating and achieving excellence in it is an extensive procedure that demands dedication and relevant knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to educate your maintenance team so lubrication standards can be achieved and they can enhance their competencies.

Interpret Oil Analysis Reports

Oil analysis is an important part of condition-based oil changing. Many teams and plant personnel who receive oil analysis reports do not understand how to interpret them. Oil analysis is a report with a summary section with recommendations written in layman’s terms. They might not be precisely tailored according to the condition of the machine. The oil maintenance team must know all the facts and important information about the machine to interpret the oil analysis report. This is necessary to achieve lubrication excellence.

Avoid Lubrication Starvation

Lubrication starvation must be avoided at all costs. Shortage of lubricants can put a strain on the machine and make it hard for it to function properly. There must be some kind of alarm system installed that alerts you once the lubricant levels have gone down beyond a certain point. Your machines are dependent on lubricants, and they need an adequate and sustained supply of the right lubricant to keep operating at an optimum level.

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