Possible Causes Of A Noisy Bearing

Possible Causes Of A Noisy Bearing Bearings are a significant component of any piece of rotating machinery. Their primary function is to support the rotating shaft whilst reducing friction to help smoothen motion. Bearings are a small yet important part of any machine. They carry the body weight of the machine and the production load. Since they are well hidden inside the body of the machine they are often overlooked, despite being the main reason for smooth production. The only time we give them attention is when they start producing noise. This noise is often an indication that the bearings are about to fail. To avoid such scenarios, you should conduct regular inspections of your machine. Your bearings are a vital part of your machine and should be given proper attention to ensure the smooth running of your machinery. Possible reasons for a noisy bearing include contamination, corrosion, lubrication failure, etc. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the possible causes of a noisy bearing.

Lubrication Failure

The most common reason behind noise coming out of your machine is that the lubrication you have used has failed. Lubrication failure means that either you have used an improper lubricant or have not applied the lubricant correctly. If the rolling elements of your machine have discolored, this means the lubrication has failed. Sometimes while applying a lubricant other particles mix with it causing your machine’s bearings to fail. The best way to avoid lubrication failure is to buy industrial lubricants from a professional company that deals with lubricants. Also, avoid grease loss, and follow the appropriate relubrication intervals to ensure the longevity of your machine’s bearings.


Due to low-quality grease, moisture, acid, a corrosive environment, and condensation from excessive temperature the bearing can fail. All of this causes corrosion to the finely finished surfaces of the bearing. The increased vibrations as well as red and brown stains on the rolling elements of your machine indicate corrosion. To avoid corrosion you need to buy quality lubricants and direct the corrosive fluids away from the bearings areas. If you cannot avoid corrosive elements from reaching your bearings, use stainless steel to protect your bearings.


When other elements such as dirt, dust, steel chips from dirty tools, or contaminated areas mix with the lubrications they cause contamination. Contamination causes the smooth surface of the bearings to corrode. To avoid contamination, filter the lubrication, and clean your work area and tools. This will help you to reduce the risks of breaking your machine’s bearings.

Incorrect Mounting

Improper mounting is another reason for a noisy bearing. When the mount is not done correctly it can result in premature failure. To avoid this you need to follow proper mounting instructions and give training to all your employees so that everyone knows the difference between a properly and improperly installed mount.


Fatigue can be caused due to multiple reasons such as overload, tight inner-ring fix, and using your bearings beyond their life expectancy. To avoid this you need to check your machine, and look for signs of fatigue and change your bearings after its calculated fatigue life.


Overheating is usually caused by improper lubrication and excessive operating temperatures. High temperatures can cause grease to leak and mix with the lubrication reducing its efficiency. Higher temperatures also lessen the hardness of the metal, causing early failure. To mitigate overheating use a proper cooling system and make adequate heating paths.

Final Word

Proper inspections and the usage of quality industrial lubricants will help you avoid breaking your machine’s bearings. Lubricants play an important role in the protection of your machinery. They increase the lifespan and efficiency of the machinery. Low-quality lubricants can damage your machinery. So, it’s vital that you buy your industrial lubricants from a well-known company.

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