Top Practices To Keep A Machine Well-Lubricated

Top Practices To Keep A Machine Well-Lubricated Keeping a machine appropriately lubricated is a crucial factor that affects its lifespan and functionality. There are some practices that professional Industrial lubricant suppliers and manufacturers suggest business owners and machine operators follow. Following these suggestions will ensure proper lubrication of the machinery leading to better operations and an extended lifespan.

Buy The Best Lubricant

Like most products, there is a myriad of lubricants available on the market. Hence, your first step towards ensuring the proper lubrication of any machine should be investing in a lubricant designed specifically for the types of operations it is used for. Make sure you do your research before buying a lubricant. Buying the wrong lubricant will result in the machine’s increased wear and tear.

Store It Properly

The next important thing is to make sure you store your lubricant in a safe place. By a safe place, we mean that it should be placed in an environment that is contamination-free, dry and relatively cool. Try to prevent any dust particles, water, and any other type of chemical from contaminating the lubricant. Moreover, most lubricants come with specific storing temperatures and a few other conditions. Hence, make sure you read these labels and ensure the storage area adheres to the requirements of the lubricant.

Use The Lubricant Timely

The next factor that needs to be considered is timeliness. Each lubricant has a specific shelf life, after that its efficacy is greatly reduced. Moreover, you are required to lubricate your machinery at certain times. Each lubricant has to be refreshed after a few weeks. Some lubricants, once added to the machine, are good to go for as long as eight weeks while others have to be re-added after four weeks. Hence, depending on the lubricant you are using, make sure you adhere to the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Monitor Lubricant Levels

Monitoring the level of lubricant in the machine should be a part of your machine maintenance routine. Even if refreshing the lubricant is not due for another few days, it is a good idea to check your lubricants levels regularly. If your lubricants level drops after every checkup this means that your machine is consuming and wasting more lubricant than usual. This hints that in-detail maintenance of the machine is due.

Check The Lubricants Condition

You must also keep an eye on what condition your lubricant is in. If the condition of your lubricant deteriorates before your planned lubricant change, you need to change it. Doing so can avoid possible damage to the machine. A proper plan for lubrication must include regular and random inspections of the lubricant inside the machinery and its storage. This will help ensure that nothing wrong happens to the lubricants.

Filter The Oil If Necessary

If you don’t want to change your lubricant with a new one every time the machine is maintained you can always filter the existing oil. Filtering increases the life of the lubricant. However, after filtering and reusing the oil two or three times, you will have to replace it. You can save a huge amount of money by filtering and reusing the lubricants’ oil.

Replace The Lubricant On Time

Lastly, replacing the lubricant at the right time is crucial to ensure the machine’s proper functioning. If you delay the replacement of the lubricant, it can cause damage to the machinery. It will also affect business by slowing down the machine and affecting its productivity. Lower productivity results in less profit generation. Therefore, it is critical to keep your machinery well-lubricated to ensure business growth. Micro-Lube offers a wide range of industrial lubricants. We ensure you get the best lubrication solutions to keep your industrial machinery working at its optimum potential. To get in touch with us, click here.
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