Top 4 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Machines Bearings

Top 4 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Machines Bearings Bearings are an important component of machines, as they support the rotor shaft, gears and wheels that help the machine rotate more smoothly. If the bearing of the machine gets damaged then the whole machine will stop working, so if you want your machine to work smoothly then you will need to make sure that its bearings are in good condition. One of the main reasons for bearing failure is improper lubrication, most of the time the bearing of a machine stops working because it is not properly lubricated. Another reason for bearing failure is low-quality lubrication. There are many uncertified lubrication sellers that sell low-quality products, so you should always purchase your lubrication from a certified industrial lubricant supplier. Also, at times, industry owners can end up choosing the wrong lubricant for their bearings resulting in bearing failure. So to avoid this you should get an on-site inspection of your machines by an expert. Industrial machines rely on their bearings for smooth rotational movements, to achieve this you will need to maintain the bearings properly. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 4 tips that will help you maintain your bearings.

Handle Them Properly

In order to protect the machine’s bearings from dirt, dust and moisture, you will need to store and handle them properly. You should store your bearings at room temperature in a clean, and dry environment. Because when bearings are handled carelessly they can become exposed to moisture which leads to corrosion and contamination. So to avoid this you need to make sure that your bearings are stored and handled correctly. Bearings in industrial machines are one of the most delicate yet important components therefore they should be treated with care. Carelessness on your part can result in premature failure, so make sure you handle your bearings properly.

Use Professional Tools

It is important that you handle your bearings with the proper tools and equipment. You should use specialist tools while handling your bearings. Because if you use tools that are not specifically designed for your bearings then during mounting and dismounting it will cause unnecessary wear and damage to your bearings. Tools such as induction heaters and bearing pullers are specially designed for bearings.

Properly Mount Your Bearings

Another important tip to maintain your bearings is to properly mount them. Proper mounting depends upon the type of bearing and the type of fit. For instance, a radial ball bearing ring can be mounted by sliding or tight press fits as it depends upon the speed, vibration levels and the type of load. If, while mounting your bearing, you apply pressure on the wrong ring, there are chances that it will cause damage to the rolling element of the bearing. Similarly, excessively tight or loose bearing fits will also result in a poor finish and will cause out-of-order round shafts.

Proper Lubrication

One of the main reasons for industrial machine bearing failure is lubrication failure. This includes using the wrong lubricant, as well as using too little or too much lubrication. You can choose the correct lubrication for your bearing by considering the temperatures, environmental conditions, load and speed of the machine. It is advised that you hire a lubrication specialist, as he/she will help you in finding the ideal lubricant for your industrial machine bearings So the best way to avoid improper lubrication is by hiring a certified lubrication specialist.

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