5 Ways Lubricants Help Keep The Mining Industry Moving

5 Ways Lubricants Help Keep The Mining Industry Moving The mining industry faces three key risks: they are risks of regulation changes, environmental concerns, and operational challenges. The first two of these are extraneous and uncontrollable. However, advancements in lubricant technology and analysis have made operational difficulties less. Using optimized lubricant technologies and analysis can maximize equipment efficiency, reduce environmental impact, cut energy costs, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. This blog post explains some benefits of using quality mining lubricants in keeping the mining industry running smoothly.

1. Smaller Environmental Footprint

The most significant risk factors in the mining industry are its impact on the environment. These risks include the chances of water contamination due to mining activities and difficulties in moving to a low-carbon economy. Choosing lubricants and fluids with a long fluid life can help reduce the amount of lubricant waste a mine produces. When a lubricant lasts long you need to dispose of it less often. Combining the use of quality lubricants with a robust process can help mitigate the risk of contamination through disposal. New technologies have developed lubricants especially to reduce energy dependency. Swapping your traditional lubricants to energy-efficient mining lubricants can be a step in the right direction.

2. Productivity Optimization

Unplanned and sudden downtimes can decrease business productivity by increasing business interruptions in the mine. Lubricant analysis can help you to reduce this risk by providing a predictive and proactive approach to maintenance. Monitoring the level of oil and other greasing materials in your machinery is like a health check for your operations. Traditionally, manual labeling and processing of the oil samples made the job time-consuming and difficult. However, advancements in technology have made the process less strenuous.

3. Reduce Maintenance

Mineworkers have the highest chances of facing worksite accidents, injuries, and even sometimes death. While it is difficult to control the natural and environmental causes of accidents, you can surely limit the manual or machine-caused safety hazards. Reducing the amount of equipment maintenance and increasing machine life can help to reduce the risk of personal safety and productivity. Heavy-duty mining machines experience extensive wear and tear on metal surfaces due to friction and continuous contact with hard rock surfaces. One way to decrease metal wear and tear is to use boundary lubricants like graphite or molybdenum disulfide. These help reduce the amount of friction between the metal and hard surfaces. Gear and axles can also fall victim to excessive friction. The use of special gear lubricants such as gear mate mining lubricants can help you avoid premature gear failures caused by shocks and friction.

4. Lower Costs

With tax and mining royalties reaching high on the horizon, cost savings are delivered by using quality and correct mining lubricants. These also decrease maintenance costs, and energy consumption which also make a significant difference in mining budgets. Moreover, the optimum use of lubricants saves cost by eradicating unplanned downtimes, machine breakdowns, making a difference in the industry’s bottom line.

5. Improved Safety

Many mining industry hazards and accidents stem from human and machine interaction. Using a lubricant that decreases downtime and machine maintenance, means decreasing the time your employees will spend in hazardous situations. A mining lubricant with long lubrication intervals and a long drain can also increase your worker’s safety by decreasing the number of times they have to carry out these maintenance activities.

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