5 Different Types Of Grease Used In Industrial Applications

Industrial machinery requires grease for its effective and smooth running. This is due to the grease’s ability to reduce the friction between various components and parts of these machines and allow them to run smoothly. In addition to this, greases are also used for vessels and vehicles. Each type of grease is manufactured differently, and no two greases are similar. These unique properties allow each type of grease to have different functions. Grease contains thickener, base oil, and additives. What sets them apart from one another is the additive. Some greases are designed for high speed, while others are designed for high pressure.

Uses Of Grease

Traditionally, grease was used to keep vessels, vehicles, machines, and their components lubricated at all times; now, they serve other purposes as well. Due to their versatility, greases or lubricants have found a wide-range of applications across industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, mining, steel, construction, marine, the farming industry, and so on. Continue reading our post to find out more about the different types of grease used in industrial applications.

Different Greases & Their Applications

Lithium Grease

Lithium grease is a multipurpose grease and is commonly known for its high viscosity, durability, and stability. Its design provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, extreme temperatures, oxidation, as well as wear and tear. These greases are known for their high water resistance, excellent lubrication, long-lasting performance, smooth running, and ability to withstand shock loads and high pressure. They are suitable for multiple applications, such as bearings, chassis, winches, automotive, axle arrangements, industrial, gardening, household, and other metal-to-metal applications.

Calcium Grease

One of the first greases to be manufactured for general use was Calcium grease. A high-temperature environment or activity affects its structure, resulting in reduced capability. Thus, it is well-suited only for low-temperature environments. Some of its key features include great mechanical stability, water resistance, and corrosion protection by smoothening friction. Its water resistance makes it a suitable option for marine use. Other applications of calcium grease include automotive, agriculture, and industrial.

Polyurea Grease

Polyurea grease gained popularity due to its outstanding water-resistant capability, oxidation, mechanical stability, rust and corrosion prevention, durability, versatility, and high-temperature performance. These properties make polyurea grease suitable for life-long applications across various industries. Polyurea grease is considered vital for the proper lubrication of electric motor bearings, CV joints, pulleys, and steel plants among machine owners. Also, due to the absence of soap, it is recommended for low noise applications.

Bentone Grease

It is a clay-based, non-soap grease developed with bentonite clay. This grease type has no known dropping point and is called a non-melt lubricant. It has high-temperature resistance as it can retain its stability at any temperature. It has great mechanical or shear stability, exceptional water tolerance, and impressive adhesiveness. Its high viscosity provides effective protection for bearings and is ideal for highly demanding applications. It is typically used in the steel, construction, manufacturing, ceramic, and mining industries.

Sodium Grease

Sodium grease is formulated by mixing soda soap with base oils and additives and has a fibrous texture. This mixture provides good mechanical or shear stability, good rust protection, a high dropping point, and good lubrication. However, it has poor water resistance and oxidation stability. Due to these shortcomings, sodium grease is now mostly used for lubricating wheel bearings. It is a low-cost grease as it requires mixing with other greases to produce a higher quality grease for satisfactory results. Micro-Lube has been in the lubrication industry for years. We offer the best range of lubricants and related products, including filtration systems, dispensing, storage, and more. To learn more about us, click here. Related blog:  Know about the Basics of Automatic Lubrication System    
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