Different Types Of Oil Storage Containers

Oil storage containers are an important tool in industries and factories. They can store the oil and lubricant for longer periods without causing any lubricant contamination. Moreover, a proper oil storage system reduces the risk of oil spills and keeps the vicinity safe from any oil spill accident. There are different types of oil storage containers that are used in refineries, oil fields, industries, oil depots, and other applications. Surely you won’t want to get involved in an accident relating to an oil spill or the improper storage of lubricants in your industry. Improperly storing lubricants and oil can lead to costly damages and might affect your employees’ health and your business’ reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the different types of oil storage containers and how you can safely store them. As most modern oil storage containers should meet UL SU2258 standards, it becomes necessary for you to know about the different types of oil storage containers. They should comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This blog post mentions the different types of oil storage containers and their uses.

Types Of Oil Storage Containers

Steel And Polyethylene Containers

The demand for oil storage containers and their material is changing. Modern oil storage containers are either made of stainless steel or polyethylene. Stainless steel is used instead of regular steel because regular steel has the tendency to rust and corrode sooner compared to stainless steel. This causes oil contamination and leaching out of oil additives sooner compared to stainless steel. Therefore, most industries and factories typically use stainless steel oil storage containers for bulk oil storage. Such oil containers are also especially used with oil dispensing racks. Moreover, stainless steel containers can last for years, and you do not have to worry about constantly replacing or changing them with new containers. On the other hand, polyethylene storage containers also have many advantages and are used in applications from small oil sampling to large bulk oil storage. Polyethylene oil storage containers give you semi-visibility. So it is easy for you to check oil levels inside the container without opening them, and becoming exposed to the lubricants, or exposing the lubricants to the open air. Moreover, polyethylene oil storage containers offer better longevity and require very little maintenance. They have thicker sidewalls and better flexibility which allows them to absorb impact and jerks. They are more flexible than stainless steel or other oil storage containers, improving their overall life span. Moreover, polyethylene oil storage containers are also lightweight, which helps in their better and easy mobility. They are seamless and prevent rusting, unlike stainless steel or other steel options.

Portable Oil Storage Containers

Portable oil storage containers are also there to help you move the lubricant around when you need to transport it from one service area to another. Most of these portable oil containers are resealable containers and come in a range of sizes, and can handle more than 400 gallons of lubricants and oil. However, you need to make sure that such containers are equipped with pumps and hose reels for dispensing oil.

Double-Wall Oil Storage Containers

Such containers use an inner and outer layer as an extra layer of safety and reliability for the lubricant inside. This type of container uses an inner layer and an outer layer as a secondary containment. Such double wall oil containers can be configured to fit into an oil dispensing system and provide better protection. These types of oil storage containers are ideal for storing diesel, brake or power steering fluids, and biofuels.

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