What Causes of Industrial Lubrication Failure?

Big industries require bigger machines, and to run those machines, they require effective lubrication. The absence of lubricants makes it harder for your machines to work properly, leading to their early corrosion. Machines undergo extensive processes without a lubricant film; they might go into premature failure. The most common problem is surface degradation due to contaminants. Another type of problem that happens occasionally is the failure of bearings. It is one of the problems that is caused by material fatigue. Apart from this, many other problems happen with the machines due to lubrication failure. What are the causes of lubrication failure, and how can you prevent them? This blog post will help you understand the different causes of lubrication failure and what you can do to avoid them.

Water Contamination

One of the biggest causes of lubrication failure is water contamination. Water contamination can cause catastrophic failures in any machine, the most common result of water contamination is rust. This is due to the oxidation process on the surface of iron or iron alloys. Therefore, exposure to moisture and water content must be avoided at all costs. Lubricants must be covered properly when not in use, and the machines must be kept dry to avoid any water contamination.

Other Types Of Contamination

It is not just water contamination that can cause lubrication failure, but other types of contamination can also be responsible for a machine’s failure. Contamination is any unwelcome foreign substance that gets into a bearing’s lubricant. These substances might include dust, dirt, steel chips, wooden particles or any other contamination from your working areas, or even dirty hands and tools. Therefore, special care must be taken to avoid any contamination in the lubrication process. The machines and the area where the machines are working must be cleaned thoroughly.

Improper Lubrication

Some studies show that up to 80% of machine failures are caused by improper lubrication. It includes wrong lubrication type usage, insufficient lubrication, or excessive temperature that might degrade the lubricant. Therefore, you must hire lubrication technicians who know which lubricant is effective for that machine and how to properly lubricate it. Moreover, they must also know how to store different lubricants to avoid water contamination or any other type of lubricant degradation. Incorrect decrease base, the use of grease when you should be using static or circulating oil, or over lubrication can also affect the machine and lead to lubrication failure. Also read: Know about the Basics of Automatic Lubrication System

Machine Fatigue

Excessive load on the machine, continuous running without proper lubrication, and similar things can fatigue the machine. This leads to fracturing the running parts and its surfaces. Moreover, lack of proper lubrication also leads to machine fatigue. All this must be avoided at all costs. If you notice any increase in the vibrations and noise of the machine, it is better to check it as soon as possible.

Prevent Failures

Keeping yourself aware of the potential reasons behind a machine and lubrication failure is necessary to prevent those failures. Apart from the factors mentioned above, over-heating, electrical damage, and improper machine mounting can lead to bearing and lubrication failure. If you experience any problems with your machine, it is best to call a professional lubricant expert who can assist you in the process.

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