Typical Applications

  • Filtering Pulp and Paper lube systems
  • Filtering steam turbine lube systems
  • Filtering hydraulic reservoirs
  • Filtering rolling mill lube tanks
  • And many other industrial applications containing oil

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Standard Features

Process: Vacuum Dehydration

Chamber: Pall Dispersion Rings; never have to get in chamber to change filter elements

Chamber Vacuum: Adjustable; Ideal range is 22-27” Hg

Fluid Temperature: Factory is set at 145°F and is adjustable up to 165°F

Filtration: 1 ea - 6x18 Filter Element

Seal Material(s): Buna N, Viton, EDPM or EPR

Max Fluid Viscosity: ISO 680 or 4250 SUS

Continuous Heater Flow: Minimum 2-5 GPM continuous flow through heater to prevent oil coking

Console Remote Alarm: 250 V, 10 AMP dry contact rating

Wheel Configuration: Caster wheels, pneumatic tires, fork lift pockets or floor mount

Water Removal Rate: The removal rate of water will vary depending on fluid properties and application parameters

Moisture Content Monitor: Measures in % and will shut down when it reads 0%

Operator Interface Panel Features: One button on/off Auto Shut down if operating parameters move outside of limits Panel displays all conditions; including causes and remedies Help Screen

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate: 5 GPM or 15 GPM

Vacuum Pump Flow Rate: 13 CFM

Heater Capacity: 3 KW @ 15wsi (FD-5) 18 KW @ 15wsi (FD-15)

Motors: Electric, 480 VAC, 3 Phase

Plumbing: Inlet: 1-1/2” FNPT, Outlet: 1-1/2” FNPT

Approximate Dry Weight: 950 lbs (FD-5), 1300 lbs (FD-15)

Dimensions: 44.5”L x 30.5”W x 68”H (FD-5), 54”L x 31”W x 78”H (FD-15)

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