What Must A Bulk Storage System Have To Properly Protect Its Lubricants?

October 14, 2021

What Must A Bulk Storage System Have To Properly Protect Its Lubricants When we talk about large industrial facilities, the consumption of industrial lubricants is very high. It is not feasible for them to buy lubricants in smaller volumes. It is a usual practice for industrial owners to buy industrial lubricants in bulk. But along with this comes the challenge of how to store the lubricants in a properly selected and maintained bulk storage system. An effective bulk storage system must contain certain elements, which are discussed below.

Enough Space

A bulk storage system must have enough space to accommodate the required quantity of containers containing the lubricants. You must keep in mind that there needs to be ample space for the staff and oil dispensing equipment to pass through the containers. The selection of the bulk storage place is crucial for the efficient use of the lubricants. A lack of space will increase the chances of accidents, collisions, and consequently spilling. There has to be ample space to move the containers and other equipment to keep operations running smoothly.

Appropriate Temperature

The bulk storage space must also have a suitable temperature. For lubricants, there is a specific range of temperature from 0 to 25 degrees celsius. This is considered to be the ideal range for a lubricant. Another point to consider here is that direct exposure to sunlight can affect the color and appearance of the lubricants. So, the storage place must not let in direct sunlight.

Contamination Free Containers

You must be a hundred percent sure that the containers you are using to store your lubricants are contamination-free. There must not be any dust, used lubricants, water, or any other substance that can deteriorate the purity of the lubricant. This can reduce or even completely ruin the performance of your lubricants. Using appropriately cleaned and maintained containers ensures that the lubricants remain in their original pure state. Keeping your lubricants contamination-free, allows them to remain useful and efficient for your machinery.

Controlled Environment

The environment of your bulk storage place must be in your control. There must be known elements which you can control that you can either stop or use to affect your lubricants’ strength and purity. You must keep any harmful elements away from your storage place to ensure the enhanced lifespan of your lubricants. The temperature, light, humidity levels, and other weather and climate conditions must be under your control. This way, you can ensure that the lubricants will not lose their integrity and strength. It is crucial to keep your lubricants in their original state to perform at their best when put in the machinery through a proper oil dispensing system.

Trained Staff Members

After ensuring all the things mentioned above, you need to have trained and capable staff who can maintain your storage space. The most crucial thing to ensure is that you check the expiry dates of your lubricants. Buying lubricants and keeping in mind their requirements and date of expiry is their main job. They are the ones who will keep a constant check on which lubricant is for which machinery. Properly inspecting the storage place and ensuring nothing happens to the lubricants is the job of capable and responsible staff members. You can’t afford to buy expensive industrial lubricants and leave them in a storage place on their own. Having no one experienced and responsible enough to take care of your lubricants can prove costly. To prevent your lubricants from being wasted, you need trained and experienced staff to look after your lubricants and the entire storage space. This will help prevent the loss and damage of your lubricants and the storage space too. Micro-Lube is one the most trustworthy industrial lubricant providers in the Edmonton region. We have a complete range of products and offer oil filtration, dispensing, and storage products and solutions. To get in touch with us, click here.
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