WhitSlide® HV - Mining Lubricants


  • Type: Slide Lubricant
  • Grade: Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Base material: Based on asphalt and polymer. Polymer
  • Packaging: Drums, Shuttle Tanks


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WhitSlide® HV is specifically designed to provide superior lubrication to the slide mechanisms on Bucyrus 2500 series draglines. Field experience on Bucyrus machines has confirmed the ability of WhitSlide HV to reduce friction, heat and wear. This performance lubricant provides extended slide life and results in less downtime, less maintenance and more production.

WhitSlide HV is formulated using a high viscosity base material, which forms a tenacious coating on sliding surfaces. This coating serves as a barrier to help prevent metal-to-metal contact. WhitSlide HV is an ozone-safe, non-chlorinated solvent and does not contain any heavy metal additives, so you can dispose of it in the same manner as any spent grease or asphaltic lubricant.

WhitSlide HV Light is designed for use in cold conditions. Do not use where ambient temperatures exceed 55°F (13°C).

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