Reliability and Maintenance


Filters & Lubrication Systems

Turn to Micro Lube for a complete range of conveyor lubrication services, oil handling equipment and filters. We serve the Western Canadian market in many areas including oil and gas, mining, and railroads. We’re a distributor with a wide selection of industrial filters and lubrication systems.

For 27 years, Harvard Corporation’s oil filter housing products have been the core of Micro Lube. We choose Harvard products for their cost-effectiveness and reliability. As our company grew, we added more world-class filtration and lubrication products to our stock, focusing on specialty products that provide high performance at a reasonable cost.

Industrial Equipment & Filter Inspections

At Micro Lube, we can provide on-site inspections for your industrial filters and equipment. Our team has years of experience in the industry and can provide sound advice on your equipment’s maintenance and repairs. If needed, we can recommend the right equipment or filtration systems to fit your operation. Our personalized service has earned us many referrals and positive feedback from a wide range of manufacturing companies.

Micro Lube strives to bring you outstanding products for best-in-class performance. Let us bring you the very best in automated lubrication systems and on-site equipment inspections to ensure your operations run smoothly at all times. We want you to maximize your site’s efficiency, which is why we offer hassle-free service and the best products in the industry. Contact Micro Lube today and our experienced team will be happy to serve you.